Cooper Dust Series: MP1 Results

Contestant of the Cooper Dust Series in Mpumalanga had the opportunity to show their skill on 26 & 27 May 2018 at the Kromklip Resort just outside Lydenburg. The weekend was a mix with a Navigation Regularity Raid on the Saturday evening and Obstacles on the Sunday. The route consisted of obstacles of different difficulty. Contestants showed up with Toyota’s, Jeep’s, a Suzuki, Nissan and a Mazda. All seemed very eager to win those tickets to the Cooper Dust Series Grand Final at the end of 2018…


The Navigation proved to be a problem for those who came unprepared, but certainly caused a lot of fun. And fun they had! Casper & Philip Kruger in their Jeep CJ decided to go for a ‘mud bath’ during the Navigation Challenge and Raymond Wilson and Willem Kok with a Hilux ended up in the Longtom Pass. Deon Snr & Jnr (Father and Son) in their Jeep with massive 40” Cooper STT Pro’s as well as Anton Louw and Jaco van Eeden in their standard Nissan Patrol took things a bit more serious and ended up with a tie, both getting full marks! What an evening.


Sunday started with a healthy breakfast prepared by the Kromklip Staff, and the Obstacle event kicked off at 08:00. With some thick clouds in the air, it was not certain what the day would turn out like. The 1st Obstacle 100 point line proved to be a serious challenge with only two teams trying to conquer it. None of them however succeeded. The rest of the obstacles proved to be much more entertaining, the weather played its part and we all had great fun. The top five teams kept each other well aware of their abilities with some healthy competition amongst them. Not only did we have fun, but we made new friends!


Except for the much-welcomed Cooper Discount Vouchers and Cooper Tires t-shirts, several prizes were sponsored by 4×4 Megaworld and LT4x4 (Lydenburg Toyota), making it possible for each and every team to walk away with a prize of some sort! Much thanks to Cooper Tires, 4×4 Megaworld and Lydenburg Toyota! The T.O.R.C.C YouTube Channel team were responsible for the photography and they did a perfect job. We can wait for that video Raynard!!


The next event will be on 28 July 2018 in Nelspruit, and will be a one day event only. We hope to see you all there!


Below is the final results:

1 Deon du Plooy 929
2 Stef Koch 854
3 Anton Louw 821
4 Jessice Combrink  810
5 Jaco Botma 792
6 Pieter Kotze 655
7 Raymond Wilson 645
8 Casper Kruger 637
9 Robbie Moldenhauer 533
10 Husain Mohamed 214

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