Cooper Dust Series: KZN 1 Results

The first event in the beautiful and green hills of KwaZulu-Natal was one that finally got a lot of people talking. After being postponed due to torrential downpours making the terrain inaccessible – even for the most hard-core off-roaders out there – the event finally saw the light in April.

Some entrants got lost along the way and did not even pitch for the event, but looking forward and going by what competitors that was there said, those guys missed out, and should be licking their chops for the next one.

The results are as follows:

1 Pietman Grobler 245
2 Rickert van der Westhuizen 232
3 Dirk Muller 227
4 Johan Zietsman 220
5 Christo Hugo 170
6 Chris van Zyl 105
7 Willie Rowenhorst 20
8 Janco Coetzee 10
9 Frans Joubert 0

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