Dust Challenge Series: Midnight – FAQ

While the entries are coming in, we have had some questions about the Dust Challenge Series and all that goes with it.

We will be answering some of the questions here, but if you have more that you feel are not answered, please get in touch and we will answer what we can.


How much does it cost?

Entry to the Midnight Challenge is R1000 per team (driver and co-driver).


What do we get for our money?

Yes, R1000 might seem like a lot of cash to throw at an event, but if you consider the following, it might make more sense to you. For each event, we need to pay trail fees, an on-site medic, third party insurance and catering fees to ensure that you get access, something to chew on, a cup of coffee halfway through (to stay awake) as well as a golf-shirt for the driver and co-driver, and a goodie-bag. It all adds up and we are by no means becoming rich from this.


Where does the event start?

For this event we have exclusive use of the Zevenwacht 4×4 trail and the event will start there on 16 April. Teams will be set off staggered (one after the other in 4 minute intervals) on the trail and once you have completed this trail, there is a transit stage to the next one where you will also drive the trail. We will finish there.


How far will I be driving?

The two trails are within 15 km from each other, so you will not be driving more than 50 km on the event in total. Getting there and back, depends on where you live.


Will I damage my car?

There is always a chance of damage when you go off-road, but we have set up the trails and obstacles to allow you to navigate them without damage. We can’t guarantee it, but we will do our best to keep your pride and joy in one piece.


Do I need spotlights or a light-bar?

Most modern vehicles’ headlights are sufficient for this kind of night driving. Spotlights will help, but it is not required. The recce on the trails were done at night with normal driving lights on one vehicle, and it worked fine. You will however need a headlight or torch for your navigator/co-driver, as there is some guidance sections and he/she will be getting out to guide you.


What can I win?

There are some small prizes up for grabs at this first event. But the bragging rights and qualification for the grand final (first three places) is the main prize. The big prizes will be awarded at that event.


How do I qualify for the grand final?

If you finish first, second or third at any event, you qualify for the grand final. This event will take place over a weekend (you might have to take a day off) in November in the Tankwa Karoo. This will be a bit more intense and over longer stretches, but to be crowned the Dust Challenge Series Champion, you can’t just show up, you have to earn it.


Feel free to send any more questions to dustrally@dustmedia.co.za or alternatively, post them in the comments below.




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